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Whether you are small business owner, hobiest, independent sole proprietor, at home store or a brick and mortar establishment or even a large corporation, we provide the best solution for you to gain access to an untouched market craving to buy goods directly from merchants. We provide a unique solution that allows you to process china payments.

Feel the local market tighten around you; domestic economical situations are less than optimal. Break free expand your market share into the booming Asian Market. With a click of a finger expand your market share to millions of on-line shoppers previously unable to purchase from your site. Who crave western products and luxuries.

Tired of monthly fees and hidden charges that cut into your profit margins, tired of the middle man taking a large percent of your sales volume profits. Look no further you have found the solution. Take a look for yourself how we help Merchants save and earn.

Accept china payments option

The first internationally owned payment solutions provider able to give you access to the Chinese Market.

ChinaPay is a one-stop payment solution for global merchants, which allows all on-line businesses to collect payment of goods or services provided for Chinese customers.

How are we able to offer this: Our biggest partner, China UnionPay covers over 92% of the domestic banks in China. A single connection to us enables you to directly accept china debit payments in China, safely and easily. Gain access to direct debit payments from China like never before, paid out in your local currency. Not only can you gain access to customers connected with over 20 of the major Banks in China, but also numerous credit unions and even ten other foreign banks located in China.


Some of our Features & Benefits

  • Simple accessible usability for your customer to purchase.
  • Fast approval and account set up.
  • We provide customer care for you.
  • No Charge backs.
  • Online real time payment authentication.
  • No hidden fees
  • Fraud security services.
  • Get settlements in your currency
  • Strong brand effect and trusted by the consumer.
  • No holds and quick settlement dates.
  • Simple and user friendly accounts management system.
  • 24 hour customer and Merchant support