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About us
is leading in the industry of e-commerce by providing a direct connection between international merchants and the booming Chinese market. Chinapay is taking a proactive approach in helping the global village to further shorten the gaps between our two worlds East and West.
Chinapay enables International Merchants to access the new Chinese market with out leaving your home country, authorize, settle and manage debit Chinese transactions Via websites and mobile devices.
We are staffed with multinationals’ an important aspect that helps us merge both eastern and western mentalities in business ethics, cultural habits, practices and logic.
  • Reputation your customers can trust-As we are affiliated with the largest debit card organization in China that supports over 90% of debit card access in this country. China UnionPay (Chinese: 中国银联; pinyin: Zhōngguó Yínlián) is the only domestic bank cardorganization in the People's Republic of China(PRC). Founded in March 2002. The domestic Chinese population trust and feel secure seeing this brand associated to their purchases.
  • Easy integration and usability for both Merchant and a Chinese consumer-Chinapay keeps in mind the need of both the consumer and Merchants. On-line Merchants can view and track account information in English, while Chinese customers can view their purchase in Chinese. We provide a host page that can clearly communicate to your consumer with out you needing to speak or read a word in Chinese.
  • Customer Service-Chinapay offers an unique customer service mediation program that can relay, resolve and assist in dealing with any possible problems between you and your new customer. We take pride in being able to help connect customers with Merchants and ensure both parties’ best interests are always kept.
  • Doing business with Chinapay- We are dedicated to providing the best low cost solution for our Merchants and bring customer service to the highest standard.
Chinapay is a one-stop payment solution for global merchants wanting to reach the CHINESE market, which provides a support system to ease both the Merchant and their customers shopping experience.  Regardless of your business type, we take pride by providing convenience, secure and reliable payment options without the high costs.