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China Market ON-LINE shopping trends.

We are here to help you connect to the Chinese market and its potential buying power.

Harness the Chinese on-line buying power by using Chinapay.
|-Currency: Chinese Yuan (Renminbi)
|-Repatriation: Very difficult
|-Number of Online Shoppers: 180 million online   shoppers in 2011 eCommerce
|-Sales Volume: 651.1 billion RMB (~ $95.2 billion USD) in 2011 Average Annual Sales per Online
|-Shopper: 4,340 RMB (~$635 USD) in 2011
|-eCommerce Growth Rate: 75% growth in 2011

Top eCommerce Categories:

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As the Chinese middle class grows and the country economical situation poll vaults into the 20th century, consumer needs are left unmet.

Only a few years ago, Chinese consumers made most of their luxury goods purchases abroad. Today, 60% are made in mainland China, says McKinsey.

China’s second quarter luxury online sales reached 3.45 Billion yuan (about USD $540 million), according to Chinese research company Analysis International.

By 2015, China is expected to have more than 4 million wealthy households, making it the world’s fourth-largest country in terms of its number of wealthy households after the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom, says a report by McKinsey & Company. The number of wealthy households—defined as urban households with annual income in excess of 250,000 renminbi—reached 1.6 million in 2008.

Up to a quarter of e-commerce demand in China is for products consumers cannot find in physical stores—a circumstance unique to China, where the immensity of the country limits the coverage of physical retailers. In fact, there are many consumers, especially the younger ones, whose first contact with a brand or type of product occurs on the Internet.

China’s shoppers are increasingly not just looking for discounted products as they shop online. Today they are also concerned with finding unique products that are not available offline, better customer service, convenience, and the pure fun of the discovery process that happens online.
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