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Merchant account information the right fit for you.

Connect with the Chinese Consumer with ChinaPay.

Chinapay Debit online gateway is a unique and leading international third party electronic payment system connecting International Merchants with Chinese consumers.

By gaining a Merchant account with us we are able to connect you with the most powerful and well known Debit system in China.

Removing any limitation in accessing the enormous buying power of the Chinese market.

Not only can you reach this market but, with our direct connection to the Union Pay system you can receive payments instantly. Using real time charging and deposits.

With our Merchant account solution, No third parties are involved increasing the efficiency and processing time of every transaction and lowering the costs with less third party fee involvement.

ChinaPays anti-fraud system protects you from any fraudulent transactions, reducing your losses and with our Bi-lingual customer service staff, we help you provide the best customer service possible in a language you needn’t understand.

Say goodbye to unreasonable refunds and charge backs forever.

This cuts out 99% of the online payment risk. Say hello to reliable stable gateways that will never close due to instability.

Chinapay management system platform was created to be simple and effective to use.

With a fast learning curve to learn and apply the system effectively. Customer tracking, account settlements, fees, transaction data management and customer information.

Chinapay wants to welcome all merchant types to China, whether a little boutique in Vancouver or a Corporate Giant.

The Chinese market is ready for unique shopping experience and is looking to find rare buys not available in China. From independent designers to popular powerful name brands.

By connecting with Chinapay and being affiliated with the largest debit system in China, over 92% of the Chinese online shopping population will gain access to purchase from your site.

We not only can reach this market, but are trusted by the consumer.

With our onsite technician department we are compatible with nearly all shopping cart applications and can integrate with newer carts with easy.

Here at Chinapay we also want to grow with your business, as you grow we will alter rates and fees to match your growth.


CHINAPAY Debit Merchant Account Start-up Business Established Business
Rate 3.5% Less than 3.5% negotiable
Payment Management options All inclusive no extra fees
Multi-lingual customer service support system All inclusive no extra fees
Start up fee Free Free
Transaction fee Flat rate Flat rate
Monthly fee Free Free
Management system Free Free
Refund fee Waived Waived
Rolling reserve 6-10% from turnover for 180 days 6-10% from turnover for 180 days
Wire fees 40.00USD 40.00USD
Settlements time frames Flexible minimum payouts Flexible minimum payouts
Settlement Currency USD/EURO USD/EURO
Minimum Ticket Price and fee No minimum None No minimum None
Bankcard payments accepted with Chinapay
  • Bank of China
  • (中国银行)
  • Industrial and commercial bank of China
  • (中国工商银行)
  • Agricultural bank of China
  • (中国农业银行)
  • China construction bank
  • (中国建设银行)
  • China merchants bank
  • (招商银行)
  • Bank of communications
  • (交通银行)
  • China Post
  • (中国邮政银行)
  • China industrial Bank
  • (兴业银行)
  • Shenzhen development bank
  • (深圳发展银行)
  • Guangdong development bank
  • (广东发展银行)
  • China Minsheng Bank
  • (中国民生银行)
  • Huaxia Bank
  • (华夏银行)
  • Shanghai Pudong development bank
  • (上海浦东发展银行)
  • China everbright bank
  • (中国光大银行)
  • Bank of BeiJing
  • (北京银行)
  • China BoHai Bank
  • (渤海银行)
  • Payease
  • (首信易)
  • China Citic Bank
  • (中信银行)
  • Ping An Bank
  • (平安银行)
  • BeiJing Rural Commercial Bank
  • (北京农商银行)
  • UDpay
  • (网汇通)
  • Plus hundreds of unions and credit establishments And 10 foreign owned banks in China.

Receiving Payments from Chinese Customer Debit Cards.

We can also provide Credit Card payment options.