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Q.Why should I choose Chinapay?
We are the first international payment service for international merchant receive payment in China.
China has the largest number of netizen and the best growth market in the world.
With 173m online shoppers, it could become the world’s most valuable e-commerce market within  recent future years. If your businesses need to collect payment in China, or you want to receive payment in China, the best choice is Chinapay.
You collect the payments, we do the rest of work.
Q.How are payments made?
We process all the Chinese debit cards.
Our core business is to help merchants to receive payments from Chinese consumers. The most frequently used payment card for China is Unionpay card which is issued by all banks in China. 

Q. How does Chinapay work?
We work similar to  credit card processing gateway.
Q. Who are the consumers?
Chinapay process cards issued by domestic banks in China with a reach of  over 1,330,141,295 Chinese people!!!! 
Q. What kinds of businesses are accepted?
Chinapay wants to welcome all merchant types to China.
From a little boutique to a Corporate Giant.
Q. How long will it take before I start processing cards from China?
As soon as your merchant application is approved, we can setup your merchant account immediately.
Q. Are there any delays in payment?
NO, once a customer places an order, the system will process the payment instantly, and the transaction is charged in real time.
Q. Can chargeback occur when I process with Chinapay?
No chargebacks.
Q. What are the rates?
We offer the most competitive rates for our Merchant.

Q. When can I expect a settlement?
We provide settlments weekly. we can negociate settlement according to your needs. 
Q. Are my transactions secure? 
We use the safest payment method with the strong authorization process. All our transactions are secured by transmitting the data over an encrypted payment page or an encrypted API to our gateway system. Powerful firewall system combined by hardware and software technique, sophisticated, intrusion detection system, proactive, and further more this debit system is supported by Chinese gorvenment.
Q. How do I qualify for a merchant account?
We accept legally, registered merchants.
Q. Does a personal credit rating affect my application?