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Reseller Program

If your organization caters to small businesses and you’re looking for an additional revenue source with no development efforts, our referral program is the ideal solution. Whether you are an independent agent with connections to business online Merchants or a fully staffed ISO organization, Chinapay Debit system (Chinese to international connection)is a solid addition to payment options for Merchants.

Our privately own and developed platform enables you to offer your Merchant a unique payment option that has a fast growing provable consuming market.

Simple and easy with Chinapay

l- Fast setup
l- Flat rate commissions with no hidden fees or deductions
l- Great Customer and Merchant support
l- Provide a Unique payment option currently not easily obtainable
l- Flexible settlement dates
l- Account rewards
l- Simple clear procedures that are easy to explain to your referrals.
l-Handy management system that can track not only your commissions, 
but also each referrals entire processing history. We keep nothing hidden so you can pre-calculate what you should be earning.
l- Easy integration and tech support for your merchants.

Come join our team in expanding International Merchants reach into the Chinese market.
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We guarantee privacy and security.
Upon sending in the pre-application, A Chinapay Agent will reply to you with in 24hours.
Please keep in mind the time difference as we are operating from with in China.